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Quick and effective troubleshooting is our differential.

To act with strategy in all cases. To rethink the variables and alternatives for solving problems. To file petitions even before the start of procedural deadlines. To answer most queries within hours (sometimes minutes) after formulated. To stay on top of the Administrative and Judicial Authorities. To keep our professionals permanently updated through study groups on Saturdays.

FALCON, GAIL, BARRETO & SLUIUZAS - A3 Advocacia Empresarial offers its clients full legal assistance in the following areas of business law:

  • Tax

    • Consultancy on all federal, state and municipal taxes, levied on the companies’ operations and their assets; advice on the use of tax credits, on tax accounting, on fulfillment of main and ancillary tax obligations, and on the adoption of legal measures, aimed at reducing the tax burden of the company; analysis of tax impacts on transactions carried out by the company; compliance guidelines; full revisions of indirect and direct taxes.

  • Recovery of Civil Receivables and Assets

    • Our office relies on a highly specialized team in the area of default and asset/receivables recovery, through research and investigation, which aims at denuding frauds and ruses, as well as identifying hidden assets, with extremely effective, positive results in the recovery of defaulted loans and liabilities.

  • Tax Litigation and Customs

    • The conducting of lawsuits and procedures of a tax and customs nature in the administrative and judicial branches; study and advise on the feasibility of presenting defenses and appeals in the administrative sphere or the filing of lawsuits in the judicial branch, considering the legal grounds, the existing evidence and cost-effectiveness of the case.

  • Corporate Law

    • Advice on corporate matters; corporate reorganizations; execution of all necessary procedures for the incorporation of a company; development or revision of articles of association, contractual amendments, minutes of shareholders’ meetings, shareholder agreements and any other corporate act; registration of documents with the competent bodies etc.

  • Contract law

    • Consulting, preparation, analysis and negotiation of commercial contracts in general in various sectors such as: contracts of purchase and sale of goods and assignment of rights; service contracts; supply agreements and commercial representation; civil works contracts; IP; technical assistance contracts and technology transfer etc.

  • Civil litigation

    • Sponsorship of judicial and extrajudicial defense of the interests of its clients, with emphasis on credit recovery, the representation in consumer relations and civil liability.

  • Real state

    • Draft, review and negotiation of purchase and sale agreements, of lease and lending of urban and rural real estate contracts, involving individuals or companies, in Brazil or abroad; full assistance in the pledging of assets, such as mortgages and chattel mortgage; assistance in the constitution and discipline of condominiums arising from business projects.

  • Labor and Social Security Law

    • Advice on legislation and in relation to the procedures adopted by the company and contracting modalities (direct, autonomous or outsourced), remuneration policies (fixed or participatory, including stock options) granting of benefits and bonuses, contract changes, setting of working hours, union negotiations, occupational health and safety, forms of contract termination, several implications for payroll; performance of comprehensive reviews and overhauls in the company.

  • Administrative / Regulatory Law

    • Advice on matters relating to the interpretation of normative acts of regulatory agencies in matters related to government contracts, public-private partnerships, concessions and permits for public works and services; legal management of relationships with the Public Administration.

  • Financial

    • Advice on legal issues related to financing transactions, including loan transactions, project finance, securitization, pre-payment of exports and issuance of bonds and securities; drafting of contracts related to financing operations, warranty etc.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

    • Full advice in buying and selling businesses, assets and lines of business, in the negotiating and implementation of joint ventures, consortia, SCP-Silent Partnerships, associations and other business partnerships’ operations, which includes conducting legal audits (Due Diligence) encompassing all relevant aspects of these transactions, in all our business areas.

  • Foreign Capital

    • Consultancy of foreign investment in Brazil, recording and tracking processes with the Central Bank of Brazil; advice on ways to inflow investments, return of capital, remittance of profits, interest, royalties, technical assistance fees and other payments abroad, in compliance with exchange control regulations and applicable taxes.

  • Brazilian Investments Abroad

    • Tax-related advice, corporate and labor aspects involved in Brazilian investment operations abroad; structuring of such transactions, in order to allow the choice of the best way to settle abroad, to remunerate Brazilian shareholders, to prevent profits earned in other countries from being subject to double taxation, to plan the international flow of funds between companies in the same Group etc.

  • Imports and Exports

    • Consultancy in the customs area, covering taxes, anti-dumping rights, special customs regimes, standards of control of imports and exports, international treaties and tax incentives; evaluation of applicable transfer pricing rules; complete overhauls in companies.

  • Family and Probate

    • The conducting of procedures of equity, family and estate reorganization, involving general advice to patrons and heirs in probate project design, in business and tax organization as regards the family heritage and the formation of corporate governance bases, as well as advice at all stages of the project as a whole.

  • Environmental Law

    • Advice on the interpretation of federal, state and municipal environmental legislation, assessment of environmental liabilities; advice on the draft of administrative and / or legal defenses arising from tax assessments, evaluation of necessary licenses to environmental projects and their validities.

  • Accounting

    • Advice regarding accounting procedures, standards, concepts and their practical application; control systems, ascertainment regimes; advice on drafting of tax documents and filing of statements to the tax authorities etc.

  • Automotive/ Auto parts Sector

    • Advice on specific demands of the automotive and auto parts sectors, especially with regards to complying with the new INOVAR-Auto regulations and ancillary obligations.